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Junk Robbers Inc. Is your go-to partner for all your junk removal needs. All our processes have a minimal environmental impact and you can efficiently declutter your residential or commercial spaces within hours with us! Request a quote on our website and get an appointment today or give us a call/text at 312-521-0935 to arrange for a pickup or ask any questions you have.

How We Serve

Our services will help you declutter your space in no time and we will responsibly dispose of your items by recycling everything we possibly can first. You can expect our crew to be with you soon after you make a call and book a pickup with us. Our professionals also evaluate each furniture piece and will donate or recycle things based on the condition. More than 65% of furniture and equipment can be recycled, so we always think about the environment and the planet when making disposal decisions.

How We Charge

Junk Robbers believes in transparency, and we charge on the basis of the amount and type of junk. To keep things easy to understand and transparent, all our prices are upfront and are inclusive of all labor charges and junk disposal fees.

Services We Provide

Mainly we provide these services

Mattress removal

Debris Removal

Furniture and Appliance Removal

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